Dr. Richard Obousy

Director, Co-Founder, Project Icarus Senior Designer, XP4 Researcher

Dr. Richard Obousy

Dr. Richard K. Obousy (Ph.D (Physics) Baylor University 2008), is a Director for Icarus Interstellar, a non-profit research foundation dedicated to researching technologies that will enable breakthroughs in interstellar travel. He served as President of Icarus Interstellar for a two year term between 2011 and 2013. He is also a regular guest contributor for Discovery Space News. Dr. Obousy completed his Ph.D in theoretical physics in 2008, with a dissertation titled “Investigation into Compactified Dimensions: Casimir Energies and Phenomenological Aspects“, which was largely focused on understanding the nature of the vacuum of quantum field theory. Prior to studying for his Ph.D, Dr. Obousy worked for the UK Defense Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) as a radar physicist. He successfully organized an award-winning polarimetric radar experiment in Hawaii in 2001. He was recently a chapter contributor for the book “Going Interstellar”, edited by Jack McDevitt and Les Johnson (Deputy Manager for the Advanced Concepts Office at NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center).

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications (from over 15) include:
Obousy, R.K., “Vacuum to Antimatter Rocket Interstellar Explorer System“, JBIS 64 No.11/12 pp 378-386 (2011).

Obousy, R.K., “Project Icarus: A 21st Century Interstellar Starship Study”, JBIS release pending.

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Obousy, R.K., and Cleaver, G., “Casimir Energy and Brane Stability” Journal of Geometry and Physics, V61, Issue 3, pp. 577-588, (2009) arXiv:0810.1096 [hep-th].
Obousy, R.K., and Cleaver, G., “Radius Destabilization in Five Dimensional Orbifolds from Lorentz Violating Fields”, Mod.Phys.Lett A24, 1495-1506 (2009).

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Obousy, R.K., “Investigation into Compactified Dimensions: Casimir Energies and Phenomenological Aspects.”, Ph.D Dissertation (2009).
Obousy, R.K., and Tziolas, A.C., “Searching For Extant Life on Mars: The ATP Firefly Luciferin/Luciferase Technique”, JBIS, Vol 53, pp121-130, 2000.

Obousy, R.K., “The Zeta Function Approach to Casimir Energy Calculations in Higher Dimensions

Education University of Leicester Physics M.Phys 1999 Baylor University Physics Ph.D 2008

2011 – President of Icarus Interstellar, a non-profit research corporation
2010 – Project Leader of Project Icarus
2010 – Adjunct Professor ITT Technical Institute
2010 – Adjunct Professor Houston Community College
2008 – Primary Propulsion Lead for Project Icarus
2008 – President Richard Obousy Consulting LLC
2008 – Founder and General Manager CitizenShipper LLC
2002 – 2008 Ph.D Physics Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant at Baylor University
1999-2002 – Research Scientist, UK Defense Evaluation and Research Agency
Selected Media Appearances
Appeared on the History Channels show The Universe, for an episode titled “UFO’s – The Real Deal“.
Appeared on the History Channels show The Universe, for an episode titled “Time Travel” (August 2010).
Interviewed by the BBC world service on issues relating to interstellar travel (August 2011).
Guest speaker on David Livingstone’s The Space Show (May 2011).
Guest speaker on Seth Shostak’s (SETI) weekly radio show in an episode called Fuel’s Paradise (Apr 2011).
Guest speaker in Going to The Stars Independent filmmaker documentary (2009).
 Selected Popular Science Articles

Obousy, R.K., Project Daedalus: A Plan for an Interstellar Mission, Discovery Space News.
Obousy, R.K., Using Fusion to Propel an Interstellar Probe, Discovery Space News.
Obousy, R.K., Sooner, Not Later: Interstellar Voyages a Reality? Discovery Space News.
Obousy, R.K., Interstellar Space Flight: Social and Economic Considerations, Icarus blog.
Obousy, R.K., Project Icarus -A Design for an Interstellar Spacecraft, Icarus blog.
Obousy, R.K., Antimatter Propulsion – the beginnings of true interstellar flight, Icarus blog.
Obousy, R.K., Project Daedalus – Background, Icarus blog.
Obousy, R.K., The Daedalus Propulsion System, Icarus blog.
Other Notable Accomplishments
Cofounder of Project Icarus
Cofounder and President of Icarus Interstellar Inc.
Founder and Manager of CitizenShipper LLC
Founder and CEO of Richard Obousy Consulting LLC
Chairman of Public Outreach Committee for Icarus Interstellar
Deputy Chairman of Business Development Committee for Icarus Interstellar
Project Leader for Casimir Energy Research Group for Icarus Interstellar
Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society
Collaborator on Enzmann Starship Research Project
Producer and presenter of online mini-documentary on interstellar travel called Interstellar Journey

Member of British Interplanetary Society Technical Committee
Member of The Mars Society
Practitioner of the Tau Zero Foundation
Member of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

Graduate Advisor Professor Gerald Cleaver, Associate Professor of Physics, Baylor University (September 2002 to April 2011).