Dr. Andreas Tziolas


Dr. Andreas Tziolas

Dr. Andreas Tziolas is a co-founder and the President of Icarus Interstellar. He has served as Project Icarus Leader (fusion based starship study) and is current Project Lead for Project TinTin (interstellar nanosat mission development team) and holds the positions of Chairman for Research and Chairman for Education at Icarus Interstellar.

Andreas completed his Ph.D in Gravitation and Cosmology at Baylor University in 2009. His dissertation “Colliding Branes and Formation of Spacetime Singularities in Superstring Theory” holds remarkable implications for the study of black-holes in extra dimensions. He also holds an MPhys degree in Physics with Space Sciences and Technology, from Leicester University where he worked on the Life Detection Module aboard the Mars Express/Beagle-2 mission to Mars.

Andreas has held a variety of research positions including two summer research fellowships at JPL/NASA where he worked with the Outer Planetary Atmosphere’s Group, supporting the Galileo mission to Jupiter as part of the Hubble Wide Fields and Planetary Camera team. He also served as a Graduate Technologist working on the Large Interferometric Space Antenna (LISA) mission development team at The University of Birmingham in the UK.
He currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska where he holds the position Chief Scientist for Variance Dynamical Corp, developing next generation analog electronic sensors for use in real time spectrometers and high radiation environments.

He can be contacted at atziolas@icarusinterstellar.org.