SC17: Tiffany Frierson

Tiffany Frierson is an active member of Icarus Interstellar, working on breakthrough propulsion research and advanced propulsion concepts track chair at Starship Congress 2013. Tiffany is currently a senior physics major at North Georgia College and plans to go on to earn a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and study breakthrough propulsion physics, especially the more exotic concepts including wormholes and warp drives. 

Tiffany has a life-long interest in space travel and has participated in many space research-related conferences since 2007, when she attended the “Future of Space Exploration: Solutions to Earthly Problems?” conference at Boston University. Her attendance was sponsored by the Space Generation Advisory Council after she conducted a survey, asking 17-29 year-olds what they would like to see in the next 50 years in the field of space exploration.

Tiffany has been hearing impaired all her life, started using a hearing aid when she was 15, and went fully deaf about a year and a half ago. Before she lost her hearing completely Tiffany was able to follow conference proceedings via a combination of reading lips and reading speakers' slides, which reaffirms our commitment to serve the hard-of-hearing audiences at SC17 through multiple means. 

Tiffany's Space Generation Advisory Council speech can be viewed here (@~25min in)...

Towards a Star Trek Future: Why Making Diversity A Priority Is Important

While building an infrastructure on and around the moon is a vey important step for interstellar travel capability, prioritizing diversity within our interstellar research and workforce is also so very important. Many of us are working towards a future that looks like Star Trek. However, we cannot achieve this without diversity in all forms. 

This talk will make the case for making diversity a priority in our interstellar efforts a priority, highlighting achievements of people of color, in particular, in the space community and suggesting some ways the interstellar community could effectively increase outreach to people of color.