X-Physics Propulsion & Power Project

Project XP4

Project XP4

The XP4 Group seeks to do visionary and scientifically rigorous research to ascertain how the known limits of propulsion and power physics for space exploration can be surpassed, and to implement technology breakthroughs that can be approached using credible experimentation and engineering solutions.

The Strategic Plan for Icarus Interstellar’s X-Physics Propulsion & Power Project (XP4) is subdivided into the following sections.

The Mission Statement.
Areas of Research.
The XP4 Vision.

The Mission Statement

Toward the goal of achieving interstellar travel on manageable human time scales, the XP4 Group focuses on the study and advancement of long term propulsion and power concepts, which are at Technology Readiness Levels 1 & 2. 

This will be realized by: conducting leading-edge, world-class research in foundational theoretical physics and subsequent peer reviewed publications; lecturing at symposia; writing popular press articles and giving interviews; recruiting exceptional researchers and students; and promoting the Icarus mission of interstellar flight through volunteer opportunities and educational outreach, which would increase space literacy among students, teachers, and the general public throughout the United States and beyond.

Areas of Research

The research areas of the XP4 Group include, but are not limited to:

Faster than Light (FTL) Spacetime Geometries (i.e. warp drives and wormholes) and Associated Energies (e.g. Casimir vacuum energy).

Matter/Antimatter (MAM) production.

Primordial to Near-Planck-Scale Black Holes.

Relativistic Thermodynamics and Radiation.

Space Drives and Gravity Control.

Sakharov’s emergent spacetime/gravity.

Paradigm changes in physics that define new breakthrough propulsion physics

The XP4 Vision

Achieving the mission of XP4 consists of three phases:

Recruiting and team building.


A XP4 research facility.

To Join XP4

Students Must Submit:


Biography & Picture for website

A statement of what he/she wants to accomplish during the first year in XP4
And Complete the Following Tasks:

Sample of technical writing.

Blog article on the work they wish to undertake.

End result: TBD
Scientists Who Approach Us

Titles and abstracts of 2 papers they intend to complete within ~9 months.

2 blog articles about the work he/she is doing for the group to be completed within ~9 months.


Biography & Picture for website.
Non-Scientists Who Approach Us

2 blog articles about the way in which his/her field(s) of support/expertise tie(s) into the work of XP4 (to be completed within ~9 months).

Assistance to the group as needed.


Biography & Picture for website.
Titles: Researcher

For the first 2 months probationary period: Assistant XP4 Researcher

Between 2 months and completion of above tasks (~9 months): Associate XP4 Researcher

After 9 months: XP4 Researcher
Titles: Student

For the first 2 months probationary period: Assistant XP4 Student Researcher

Between 2 months and completion of above tasks (~9 months): Associate XP4 Student Researcher

After 9 months: XP4 Student Researcher
To be Considered a Student:

Enrolled fulltime in a recognized school.

High school, community college, undergraduate, graduate student

Image Courtesy CBS, used with permission: CG rendering by Mark Rademaker of Matt Jefferies’ 1964 Enterprise. Special thanks to Mike Okuda and John Van Citters.