The Helius Experiment

 The Helius experiment  is an investigation into some of the practical aspects of the ignition system of the original Daedalus pulsed fusion propulsion engine.  The Daedalus design called for the symmetrical implosion of fast moving pellets of fusionable material (deuterium and helium 3) using such activation methods as electron beams or lasers.  In carrying out this investigation it is hoped to provide some practical insight to the possible design of the Icarus probe’s main engine should such a similar ignition system be selected.

The experiment will study the use of lasers in targeting pellets, evaluating accuracy and other issues and, if possible, could lead to the development of a ground based chemical analogue system to replicate a pulsed propulsion system.  The credible demonstration of proof of concept through experiment, with supporting technical reports, will be a noteworthy scientific output for the organization.

Currently, initial investigatory experiments are being undertaken, but the formal assembly of the team and agreement of project specifications and plans for the complete Helius experiment are still being developed.  We are seeking well-qualified volunteers to help with our efforts, if you feel that you could contribute then please contact the team.

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