Professor Miguel Alcubierre joins Icarus as an Honorary Member of Project XP4

Professor Miguel Alcubierre joins Icarus as an Honorary Member of Project XP4

Icarus Interstellar is thrilled to announce that Professor Miguel Alcubierre has joined the XP4 team as an Honorary Member.

Prof. Miguel Alcubierre was born in Mexico City in 1964.  He obtained his Physicist degree from the National University in Mexico (UNAM) in 1988, and a PhD in Physics from the University of Wales in 1994.  He later worked for several years as an Adjunct Professor at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Potsdam, Germany.  Since 2002 he joined the Nuclear Sciences Institute at UNAM where he is now a Full Professor, and since June 2012 Director. Considered the father of the warp drive, his 1995 paper was the first to rigorously study the warp drive metric, made famous in sci-fi series such as Star Trek.

His research is in the area of numerical relativity, which is concerned with the computational simulation of astrophysical systems using Einstein’s theory of general relativity.  In this area he has concentrated on the study of sources of gravitational waves, and particularly black hole collisions.  He is author of more than 50 publications, as well as a textbook published by Oxford University Press.

Director, former President of Icarus Interstellar and Founder of XP4, Dr Richard Obousy says “I’m really pleased that Professor Alcubierre has agreed to join this group. I was 17 years old when he published his famous paper, and I discovered it while working on my undergraduate thesis at Leicester University in 1999.” Obousy continues, “The work inspired me to pursue a PhD in theoretical physics and to think about novel forms of spacecraft propulsion myself.”

With Professor Alcubierre joining Project XP4, Icarus Interstellar has, what might be, the highest concentration of warp drive mechanics luminaries ever assembled, joined by Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Richard Obousy and Dr. Sonny White.