Starship Congress 2017
Monterey, CA, August 7-9

Blog posts: Daedalus

FarMaker: Interstellar Speed Sketch challenge. Starship Congress 2013 Concept Art Contest

(Guest Post by Stephan Martiniere) As a Keynote Speaker for Icarus Interstellar’s Starship Congress in Dallas, Texas (August 15-18), I wanted to share some exciting news. Starship Congress is launching its first art contest: the FarMaker Interstellar Speed Sketch challenge. The contest is ...

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A Structural Analysis of the 1st Stage Reaction Chamber and Supporting Thrust Structure in Support of Project Icarus

Over this past summer, I was in the pursuit of my Master’s thesis subject. I’ve always been interested in space exploration and settlement, and my graduate advisor, Haym Benaroya, informed me of Project Icarus. This definitely gained my interest, and he subsequently sent ...

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Daedalus Model Update

Terry Regan is building a detailed model of the Daedalus craft. Here is a brief update of his latest progress…

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Daedalus Model Building (Part 3)

Starship Tel has been making progress on his Daedalus model for the Icarus team.  Here is his latest report and some stunning photographs below:    The photos show reaction chamber (2nd stage), part of the support structure and induction loop, so far. The ...

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Daedalus Model Building (Part 2)

Terry Regan is ploughing ahead with his construction of the Daedalus model. He has been working on the Beryllium erosion shield, master computer and Liquid Hydrogen storage tank. Currently the model is 145 mm tall. Often a modeller would not want to reveal ...

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