Starship Congress 2017
Monterey, CA, August 7-9

Blog posts: Communications and Telemetry

Project Voyager – A Map to Navigate our Dynamic Universe

This is an excerpt taken from a recent article by Zachary Fejes on Discovery Space News. The full article on Discovery can be found here.   “Indulge me, for a moment, in a brief thought experiment. You have just become the pilot of ...

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Hailey Bright Interviews Divya Shankar

Divya Shankar, an Icarus Interstellar designer living in India talks to Hailey Bright about the Student Sat project which was launched in 2010, and the follow up project Student Sat 2. She also discusses her role in Icarus as a student designer on ...

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Vint Cerf Q&A on Interstellar Communication

In a new series of Q&A we’ll be reaching out to Icarus Interstellar consultants to gain their perspective on tough problems associated with interstellar flight. In this first Q&A we ask Dr Vint Cerf questions relating to interstellar communications. Vinton G. Cerf is ...

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Making the Jump to Lightspeed

My article on The Interstellar Communications Problem has been published in the Project Icarus series on DiscoveryNews. A question that often arises when we discuss interstellar communications is why we are restricting ourselves to the limitation of the speed of light. Surely an ...

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DESCANSO book series

When researching technologies for communicating across long distances in space, books are invaluable. But free books are better! I’ve found the DESCANSO book series from JPL to be invaluable. Hard copies are available, but if you’re happy reading PDFs you can download them right ...

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