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Blog posts: DARPA2011

Triple Whammy at 100YSS

When the call for papers for the 100 Year Starship Symposium was first announced, I thought “I have a few ideas. I’ll submit them all and see what gets picked up.” In the end, I submitted three abstracts: one of my own, one ...

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Adam Crowl Talks with Hailey Bright at the 100YSS Symposium in 2011

Director of Icarus Interstellar Adam Crowl talks about his involvement in Project Icarus, shares his thoughts on robotic vs manned exploration and discusses the Fermi Paradox.        

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Jerry Winchester Talks with Hailey Bright at 100YSS. Orlando Florida 2011

Friend of Project Icarus, Jerry Winchester discusses volunteerism, research, emergent technologies and driving interstellar research forward through the 21st century with Hailey Bright.

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Richard Obousy Talks with Hailey Bright at the 100YSS Conference in Orlando 2011.

Richard Obousy, President of Icarus Interstellar Inc., talks with Hailey Bright at the 100 Year Starship Conference in Orlando 2011. Obousy discusses some of the many challenges associated with interstellar flight, and talks about both conventional and exotic propulsion systems.

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Project Hyperion: Will a “Seed Ship” Give Birth to The “Star Child”?

written by Christian Bühler     A new civilization is born Imagine a planet in an extrasolar system far away. It looks a little bit like our earth. You see blue oceans and huge continents. In the next moment a star ship enters ...

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