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posted by Andreas Tziolas on March 11, 2014

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Makerspaces are community driven machine, electronics and creative arts shops where people pay a subscription to become members. Through November, Icarus members helped round up 25 Founders of the Anchorage Makerspace and opened up a shop in Midtown Anchorage. As the first mAKerspace in Alaska, the team is organizing workshops on 3d printing, welding, woodworking, electronics, programming, etc. Ultimately the telecommunications systems and protocols, thrusters, cloud chambers, fusors, stratospheric balloons, amateur rockets and eventually small satellites.


Any organization transitioning from Research into Development, must struggle through administrative and financial risks. Even more so when the team is international and spread around all over the world, like ours. We’ve attempted to open physical research labs via universities, dedicated grants and co-shared spaces with only small success. We needed a free thinking environment, where volunteerism and community values stack up towards breaking technological barriers (and having fun). The Anchorage Makerspace has become the manifestation of these hopes and desires, with tremendous side-benefits through the vibrant maker community and kinship.

Coordinating a lab space is no small task. The workspace must be as attractive, as it is functional as well as safe and vibrant, so at to attract new members. The space itself has gone through multiple iterations to try and pack in as many tools, storage and available workspace as we can in the 1,400 sq.ft semi-industrial lot we have. 


Current ongoing programs include:

– Robotics

– Woodworking

– Arduino / RPi and Microelectronics Programing

– 3d Printing

– High Altitude Balloon (Near Space-1 project)


With many more to come. We’ll post more news as the Makerspace continues to deploy. In the mean time you can follow our progress through the AMS Facebook page:


The Anchorage Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under fiscal sponsorship by Icarus Interstellar.

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3 Responses to Introducing the Anchorage Makerspace | Icarus Interstellar’s Community Research Lab

  1. A great initiative!

    So the democratization of knowledge is being followed by the democratization of fabrication capabilities. This may be quite close to the machine shops we will find on future space stations. Maker spaces in space.

  2. Marc says:

    I don’t know why but I’m so proud of this. IT’s the beginning of something great.

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