Icarus welcomes Drexel University Chapter



Icarus welcomes Drexel University Chapter

Rekindling the excitement for interstellar flight has been a creative experience. The “market share” for deep space exploration has always been there of course; we all watched Star Trek and Star Wars and follow closely those visions of the future strewn by science fiction writers and producers. The “science share” of interstellar flight was responsible for pushing many of us through our academic and personal studies.

Which is why it is my great pleasure to welcome the Icarus Interstellar Drexel University Chapter to our team! Chapter President, Damien Turchi contacted us back in May with aheartwarming letter introducing the Drexel team and their aspirations for engaging in interstellar exploration research. After a period of establishing due diligence with the director of campus activities and the gracious offer by Dr. Ajmal Yousuff, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, agreeing to serve as faculty sponsor, the Chapter was on its way to being formed.

The Founding event held place on September 29th, 2013 and was well attended. A STAGGERING 40 students have  joined the chapter so far. The group’s focus will be the study of Interstellar SmallSat precursor missions, along the lines of Project Tin Tin, as well as cutting edge thinking for transformative power and propulsion methods along the lines of XP4. Between these two there will be much opportunity for the Drexel Team to participate in Icarus projects!

Icarus Interstellar differs from other space advocacy groups by being an essentially research oriented organization. Our mandate is clear: To train the next generation of interstellar engineers. There is no doubt in my mind that Drexel will be the first of many deep space and interstellar exploration research chapters, accumulating the knowledge and expertise which will unlock the solar system and far beyond.

Once again, my sincerest congratulations to Chapter Co-Founders John Breslin, Michael Dailey, Zachary Block, David Evinshteyn and Kushagra Pundeer, who along with Damien Turchi braced themselves to take on this technically rich and personally fulfilling field of research, study and thought.
Welcome to the team, Drexel Icarii!

Dr. Andreas C. Tziolas
President Icarus Interstellar