Icarus Kick-Sat in Space

Back in 2011, Icarus Interstellar backed a Kickstarter program run by Zac Manchester to launch a number of tiny ‘sprite’ satellites into Earth orbit. Each sprite has a small bit of electronics, a battery, and an antenna. It broadcasts a flight code selected by the backer.
The sprites are contained within a cubesat, which was launched into low Earth orbit on 19 April 2014. The sprites will be deployed from the cubesat 16 days after launch, at 20:00 UTC on 04 May 2014. They will broadcast their individual flight codes, and then burn up in the atmosphere after a few days.
If you want to see whether you can pick up the sprites, you just need a Yagi antenna, a cheap software defined radio (such as a FunCube dongle), and a PC. Instructions are on the wiki: https://github.com/zacinaction/kicksat/wiki .