Icarus’ Fusion Spacecraft Takes Shape

Icarus’ Fusion Spacecraft Takes Shape


Project Icarus’ Fusion Spacecraft Takes Shape

Project Icarus is presenting the results of our preliminary fusion-rocket based interstellar spacecraft at the British Interplanetary Society in London on October 21 and 22nd, 2013.

We are asking for support in raising $2000 to support our volunteer researchers and students attending the workshop. All donations made to Icarus Interstellar through October will be channeled to support the “2013 Project Icarus Design Competition”. FOUR (4) breakway teams are presenting variations of spacecraft designs and mission configurations which will be presented during an internal workshop on the 21st, followed by a public symposium on the 22nd of October.

In appreciation of your support, donors will receive:

$10 Your name listed in the acknowledgements of the final publication.
$20 Icarus Interstellar Lapel Badge (and above)
$50 Icarus Mug and t-Shirt (and above)
$100 Advance copies of the INTERNAL Spacecraft Design studies (and above)
$101 SPECIAL donations over $100 will receive an exclusive media pack containing HIGH RESOLUTION SPACECRAFT ENGINEERING DESIGNS rendered expertly by Adrian Mann (www.bisbos.com) (including all of the above!)

The exclusive content found in the INTERNAL Project Icarus Design Studies is the result of thousands of hours of research by our international volunteers. This is the FIRST TIME Icarus has shared full spacecraft designs. You can be among the exclusive few to explore our work first hand!

Icarus Interstellar the World’s Largest 501c(3) Deep Space and Interstellar Exploration Research Organization. All donations are tax exempt and deeply appreciated.

We are volunteers doing this work because it needs to be done.

Lets Build a Starship together!

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Donate $100 to receive Advance copies of the INTERNAL Project Icarus Interstellar Spacecraft Design Studies! (with BONUS EXCLUSIVE SPACECRAFT ARTWORK by Adrian Mann)


Cloisonne Pins (small) Mug 3 (small) t-shirt(small)

Icarus Interstellar lapel badge (IMAGE)

Icarus Interstellar mug (IMAGE)

“Build a Starship” t-shirt (IMAGE)