Dr Rob Adams talks with Hailey Bright About Fusion Propulsion

posted by admin on August 13, 2013

Dr Rob Adams speaks about Pulsed Fusion Propulsion, dense plasma focus fusion, z pinch fusion and the possibilities of high density compression of fusion fuels.

Rob Adams Talks with Hailey Bright

Rob Adams Talks with Hailey Bright

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3 Responses to Dr Rob Adams talks with Hailey Bright About Fusion Propulsion

  1. matt says:

    we havent yet shown a stable a consistent fusion power generator on the ground iter is no way finished why i dislike news like this ideas , thats all they are no real engineering physical objects like this are here okk i have faith that we will be able to creat eath based fusion but space its so far off

  2. matt – Have a little faith brother.
    The style of fusion that Rob Adams is advocating for space is a bit different than most of what we are planning to use on earth. Pulsed forms of inertial confinement fusion are practical approaches to fusion that have actually worked since 1952 in impure fission-fusion combination devices. While fission ignited fusion may not currently enjoy wide popularity today, there is real hope that such pulsed forms of fusion will power fusion rockets to the outer planets and eventually even the stars (and perhaps before earthly fusion, which must comply with rigid and often obstructive nuclear regulation, is achieved).

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