Dr. Eric W. Davis on New Light-Speed Breaking Science

posted by admin on September 19, 2012

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5 Responses to Dr. Eric W. Davis on New Light-Speed Breaking Science

  1. Astronist says:

    Two problems with this. Firstly, if he really believed that he could pull free energy out of the vacuum, then he’d be talking about using it as a source of clean, sustainable industrial and domestic power for the vast majority of us who won’t be on the starship. And secondly, if you can travel “faster than light”, then according to my understanding of physics there’s no speed limit at all, and you can in fact go back in time relative to some frames of reference.


  2. Dr. Suresh Iyer says:

    Time Travel is the only way we can get to the stars for the distances are light years and even faster than light speed will take more time than a human beings life time but Time travel indeed breaks that barrier and you can be elsewhere or elsewhen even before time or be Present Elsewhere any time !

  3. Dr. Suresh Iyer says:

    I am interested in your Icarus Programme – How to join this ? I am a Scientist (Organometallic Chemistry in India).

    Magnetic Monopoles would be exotic Energy source and also Propulsion Technology ? How to Generate Magnetic Monopoles ? They have Energy equivalent to the Big Bang I have read somewhere and So this question ?

  4. Dr. Suresh Iyer says:

    Dear Dr. Eric Davis

    Natural Space – Warp Bubbles

    Quantum Tunneling is a known phenomena and so is there somewhere in the vast Cosmos a equivalent Cosmic Tunneling phenomena going on and if so are there also Warp Bubbles or Space Bubbles in the Galaxy or in Space – Time like Black Holes waiting for Humanity to Discover ! Here we can try to use these already existing Warp Bubbles and also mimic Nature and make our own Space – Warp Bubbles. It would be indeed interesting for Astronomy to point there Telescopes to these Natural Space – Warp bubbles ? What would be the Signature of these Bubbles ? In this connection is the Natural phenomena of Stars and Galaxy travelling at light speed and expanding in the process — Would these Natural phenomena be mimicable ? Can I join you guys in such a Space Exploration ?


  5. Bruce Graham says:

    Greetins ! I love to read the ideas/thought of folks who have a brain to use, and are using it for the benefit of all Mankind.. I just lef a post on the ” Icarus Website , for Dr.Tziolas, and am hopeful of a reply from him. On that post I posed the question ” Are any Scientists plying their minds on :- ‘ I the force of Gravity undergoing any study ? Is it limited by Light Speed ? Did’nt Newton say that a falling body does so at the rate of 32 feet per second , per second? In which case it gets faster and FASTER the further it ” falls”…I like the Time / Wormhole theory, and wonder if ” focusing ” a ” beam ” of Gravitational Energy just MIGHT have something to do with that subject ?Looking forward to any replies at :- bruros@clear.net.nz…Cheers, Bruce G.!

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