Dr. Armen Papazian Wins the First Alpha Centauri Prize

Dr. Armen Papazian Wins the First Alpha Centauri Prize

Financial Economist Dr. Armen Papazian is the winner of the first Alpha Centauri Prize awarded in Dallas this past Sunday. The Alpha Centauri Prize is an Institute for Interstellar Studies initiative, funded with a $500 pledge from Icarus Interstellar.

Dr. Richard Obousy, President of Icarus Interstellar said:

“I’ve been very interested in Dr. Armen Papazian’s work for some time now and was very happy when he submitted a paper to Starship Congress. I was blown away by the delivery of his presentation which was both passionate and visionary. When I heard that the Alpha Centauri Prize judges overwhelmingly supported his paper for the award, and that he was the winner of the Alpha Centauri Prize I was thrilled. Congratulations Armen! Very well deserved.”

Kelvin F.Long, Executive Director, Institute for Interstellar Studies said: “I am very pleased with the outcome of this Alpha Centauri Prize “Progenitor” award and the economist Dr Armen Papazian was a worthy winner, giving an inspirational and innovative presentation. This is the first of many awards we at the institute will be announcing over the next year. I would like to thank Icarus Interstellar for sponsoring the first of these awards on this occasion”.


You can enjoy watching Dr. Papazian’s full award winning presentation right here!


Congratulations Dr. Papazian!