DESCANSO book series

posted by admin on January 17, 2012

When researching technologies for communicating across long distances in space, books are invaluable. But free books are better!

I’ve found the DESCANSO book series from JPL to be invaluable. Hard copies are available, but if you’re happy reading PDFs you can download them right off the JPL site. These titles cover everything from bandwidth-efficient digital modulation to antenna arraying techniques, optical communications and software defined radio.

Thoroughly recommended!

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2 Responses to DESCANSO book series

  1. Thank you for posting the link to the DESCANSO book series; as a Telecommunications Engineering student (M.Sc.) interested in space travel, I found them very interesting because they go straight to the point (as every engineering book should do).

    Are there updates about Research Module 9.0? I would appreciate more news.

    • Pat Galea says:

      Hi Emanuele.

      At the moment we are very busy, and I have been outlining the work for the next phase of the study. There should be another article on the comms work appearing sometime soon (I hope!).

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