Daedalus Model Building (Part 3)

Daedalus Model Building (Part 3)

Starship Tel has been making progress on his Daedalus model for the Icarus team. 

Here is his latest report and some stunning photographs below:


The photos show reaction chamber (2nd stage), part of the support structure and induction loop, so far. The support structure has caused me a major headake but im getting there. It still neads a slight tweak. The materials I’m using is styrene plastic which is used by professional and hobbyist used for building model railway layouts to designing buildings, housing estates and scratch building. The reaction chamber was made by heating up a sheet of plastic card and blunging a large light bulb found in factory warehouses, cut away and cleaned up then again useing plastic card. I’m thinking of using  .030 tho card to build up the support ring for the electron guns (yet to be made). The support structure, “well what a problem I had” that was made from 1.2 mm plastic round rod, I drilled down the centre a .55 mm and fitted 15 amp fuse wire to join other piceses of round rod together into a support structure, it still needs a slight tweaking “hear and there” . It’s made into quite a strong structure.  Next came the induction loop. Again this time I used .020 tho plastic card, two rings were cut using a cumpuss cutter then trips of plastic card to build up the loop. So that’s it so far, still a long way to go but it is a very enjoyable project and ‘im finding new ways in scrach building models. The way I’m building Daedalus, the modelling project has created a lot of interest in the both model clubs that I belong to and my asronomy club.

Starship Builder Tel.