Contemplations from New York

I’m just back from a trip to New York courtesy of the National Geographic channel and Atlas media. They are making a documentary on interstellar flight and I am appearing/consulting for the film. I had done a few documentaries before but the professional team of Atlas, led by Bill McClane, took it to a new level. In particular, they were paying great care to try and get the science correct. When I got back, I was on the phone to another guy out in California making a movie on interstellar travel. Once again, he was taking great care to get the science correct. In an age of media hype, this is a rare quality and something to be encouraged by the scientists where possible. Its great experience for members of the Icarus team to get involved in these sorts of projects but it is also an important part of how we communicate the vision of interstellar travel. In effect, the media and the scientists are working co-operatively together, a good ingredient for the future. (more…)