Day 1 – Interstellar Now (Next 20 Years) | Thursday August 15th, 2013

8:00am Registration Open | Coffee
9:00am Richard Obousy, Introduction to Day 1

Beamed Energy Session, Chaired by Ian O’Neill

9:15am Keynote: Jim Benford, “Sail Ships”
10:00am Presentation 1: Les Johnson, “Status of Solar Sail Propulsion: Sneaking up on an Interstellar Capability”
10:25am Presentation 2: Charles Quarra, “The Laser Starway: a Light Bridge to the Closest Stars”
10:50am Break
11:00am Presentation 3: Eric Malroy, “Lightsails and Nanotech”
11:25am Presentation 4: Martin Halbert, “Scenarios for Long-term Interstellar Distributed Data Networks”
11:50am Presentation 5: D. Messerschmitt, “Interstellar Communications Design to Minimize Energy Consumption”
12:15pm Lunch; “Starship Century” (Jim Benford) and “Going Interstellar” (Les Johnson) Book Signing Event

Fission Propulsion & Precursor Missions, Chaired by Rachel Armstrong

1:15pm Keynote: Pavel Tsvetkov, “Direct Fission Fragment Energy Conversion for Near-Term Interstellar Exploration”
2:00pm Presentation 6: John Hunter, “The Hydrogen Gas Gun: Part of the Interstellar Roadmap”
2:25pm Presentation 7: Rob Adams, “Building, Repairing and Upgrading Vehicles in Space”
2:50pm Break
3:00pm Presentation 8: Philip Lubin, “DE-STAR – Beamed Relativistic Propulsion”
3:25pm Presentation 9: Andreas Tziolas, “Project Tin-Tin: Interstellar Nano-Probes”
3:50pm Presentation 10: Buldrini & Seifert, “Innovative Ultra-FEEP Thrusters for Interstellar Precursor Missions”
4:15pm Break | Description of Evening Event

Evening Events

4:30pm STARSHIP CONGRESS: Near-Term Questions
6:00pm Dinner (Individual)
8:00pm Event 1 | “Stakeholder Stage: Celebrating the Impact of DARPA 2011”

Day 2 – Interstellar This Lifetime (20 – 50 years) | Friday August 16th, 2013

8:30am Coffee
8:45am Richard Obousy, Introduction to Day 2

Fusion, Antimatter, and Other Propulsion, Chaired by Gerald Cleaver

9:00am Keynote: Michael Minovitch, “Interstellar Space Travel with Reasonable Round-trip Travel Times”
9:45am Presentation 1: Joe Ritter, “Nanoarcsecond Exoplanet Imaging”
10:10am Presentation 2: Srikanth Reddy, “Structural Analysis of the Daedalus Reaction Chamber & Thrust Structure”
10:35am Break
10:45am Presentation 3: F. Winterberg, “Cheating the Death of the Sun by Relativistic Interstellar Spaceflight”
11:30am Presentation 5: Robert Freeland, “Trading a Mag-Sail vs. Fusion for Full Deceleration”
11:55am Presentation 6: Gwyn Rosaire, “The Nuclear Thermal Rocket’s Role in Promoting Interstellar Exploration”
12:20pm Lunch

Environment, Economy, Politics and Ethics, Chaired by Donna Dulo

1:15pm Keynote: Kelvin Long, “Rise of the Starships”
2:00pm Presentation 7: Armen Papazian, “Money Mechanics for Space”
2:25pm Presentation 8: Chris Wimer, “Using Game Mechanics to Increase Funding and Improve Public Knowledge”
2:50pm Break
3:00pm Presentation 9: Heath Rezabek & Nick Nielsen, “(Xrisk 101) Existential Risk for Interstellar Advocates”
3:25pm Presentation 10: A. Caminoa & G. Gaviraghi, “Critical Path and Interstellar Routes”
3:50pm Presentation 11: A. Caminoa & G. Gaviraghi, “A Kardashev III Approach to Extra-Solar Colonization”
4:15pm Break | Description of Evening Event

Evening Events

4:30pm STARSHIP CONGRESS: Mid-Term Questions
6:00pm Dinner (Individual)
7:55pm Event 2a | Lifetime Achievement Award to Michael Minovitch
8:00pm Event 2b | Sarah Jane Pell, “Starship Congress Cocktail Evening”

Day 3 – Interstellar Future (50 years +) | Saturday August 17th, 2013

8:30am Coffee
8:45am Richard Obousy, Introduction to Day 3

Warp Drives & Exotic Propulsion, Chaired by Tiffany Frierson

9:00am Keynote: Sonny White, “Warp Field Physics: An Update”
9:45am Presentation 1: Eric Davis, “Faster-Than-Light Space Warps: What’s It All About?”
10:10am Presentation 2: Hal Puthoff, “Engineering the Spacetime Metric for Interstellar Flight”
10:35am Break
10:45am Presentation 3: Marc Millis, “From Sci-Fi to Sci-Method – Space Drives”
11:10am Presentation 4: Jeff Lee, “Singularity Propulsion – Acceleration of a Schwarzschild Kugelblitz Starship”
11:35am Presentation 5: Gerald Cleaver, “The Quirks of Quark Engines”
12:00am Presentation 6: Lance Williams, “Rise of the Scalar Field, and its Implications for Interstellar Travel”
12:25pm Lunch

Worldships & SETI, Chaired by Hailey Bright

1:15pm Keynote: Rachel Armstrong, “Project Persephone”
2:00pm Presentation 7: Ken Roy, “Shell Worlds: an Approach to Terraforming Small Rocky Worlds”
2:25pm Presentation 8: Sheryl Bishop, “Odyssey: Global Personality Test for Crewing a Generation-Starship”
2:50pm Break
3:00pm Presentation 9: Thomas Hair, “Radio Transients & Base Rate Bias: Bayesian Argument for Conservatism”
3:25pm Presentation 10: Al Jackson, “Extreme SETI”
3:50pm Presentation 11: A. Caminoa & G. Gaviraghi, “Code of Ethics for Alien Encounters”
4:15pm Break | Description of Evening Event

Evening Events

4:30pm STARSHIP CONGRESS: Long-Term Questions
6:00pm Dinner (Individual)
8:00pm Event 3a | Peter Garretson, “Space – A Billion Year Plan for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”
8:45pm Event 3b | Hailey Bright, “Dream of Starships”

Day 4 – Congress Summary | Sunday August 18th, 2013

8:30am Coffee
8:55am Andreas Tziolas, Introduction to Day 4

Icarus Interstellar Project Reports

9:00am Keynote: Stephan Martiniere, “Space Art”
9:35am Heath Rezabek, FarMaker Interstellar Speed Sketch Award & Auction
9:50am Presentation 1: Andreas Hein, “Project Hyperion: Disruptive Technologies for Manned Interstellar Travel”
10:15am Presentation 2: Aaron Cardon, “Ideal Biological Characteristics for Long-Duration Manned Space Travel”
10:40am Break
10:50am Presentation 3: Rob Swinney, “Project Icarus”
11:15am Presentation 4: Robert Kennedy, “Dyson Dots”
11:30am Presentation 5: Jim Benford, “Shouting to the Galaxy: The METI Debate”
11:55am Break
12:05pm Kelvin Long, Paul Gilster, Ian O’Neill, Rachel Armstrong, I4IS Alpha Centauri Prize
12:10pm Break

Panel Discussions & Future Plans

12:30pm Icarus Project Lead Panel, “Progress Report and Future Objectives”
1:20pm Mike Mongo, “Build a Starship”
1:35pm Richard Obousy, “Building an Interstellar Community”
2:00pm Icarus Starship Congress Ends


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