A Plumber’s Guide to Starships Part 2: Gases in Pipes

posted by Michel Lamontagne on April 15, 2014

  In this section, we will mainly be looking at gases in pipes from the heat transfer point of view.  Although there are plenty of other reasons to move gases around in a starship, starting with fuel feed, for example, heat transfer covers the most complicated cases. The information will be applicable to simpler problems. […]

A Plumber’s Guide to Starships

posted by Michel Lamontagne on March 21, 2014

Part 1 : Liquids in Pipes   Moving liquids around is hardly new technology – even if it’s in a starship. Pretty much all of the design tools were worked out in the eighteenth century, and the most recent developments – magnetic pumps for liquid metals – date back to the 1960s.  However, it is […]

The Challenge of Relativistic Spaceflight

posted by Adam Crowl on March 3, 2014

Adam Crowl

Riding a Beam to the Stars   The stars are, at minimum, tens of thousands of times further away than the planets. Presently flights to the planets take a year or more, thus to reach the stars in years, rather than millennia, requires speeds tens of thousands of times faster – a large fraction of […]

Starship Radiators

posted by Michel Lamontagne on February 2, 2014

Looking at the Daedalus starship, it might appear at first glance that the ship has no radiators.  So why have these cumbersome appendages suddenly reappeared on the Icarus starships?  Are they absolutely required?  And if so, how do we design them, and how much of a mass penalty will they add to the ship?   […]

Fusion Propulsion: Reaching the Stars by Wielding the Power of the Stars

posted by Guest on July 23, 2013


The following blog is a guest post from Kevin Schillo who is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Aerospace Systems Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. His research is focusing on pulsed fusion propulsion, which could help to open up the solar system for routine manned exploration. Kevin has always had a […]

Project Icarus Design Steps Up A Gear

posted by admin on July 1, 2013

Project Icarus logo

Dear Friends, We are pleased to inform you about progress on the Project Icarus interstellar starship design study, the collaboration between the British Interplanetary Society and the non-profit organisation Icarus Interstellar, Inc. Project Icarus was founded by Kelvin F. Long and Richard Obousy and launched back in September 2009 during a symposium at the BIS […]

A Structural Analysis of the 1st Stage Reaction Chamber and Supporting Thrust Structure in Support of Project Icarus

posted by Sri Reddy on March 27, 2013

Over this past summer, I was in the pursuit of my Master’s thesis subject. I’ve always been interested in space exploration and settlement, and my graduate advisor, Haym Benaroya, informed me of Project Icarus. This definitely gained my interest, and he subsequently sent me the final report on Project Daedulus. After reading through the Project […]


posted by admin on February 8, 2012

With Divya Shankar. From 1987 to 1989, seven First Class Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy embarked upon a study to design an interstellar spacecraft aimed our nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. This project represented the United States Naval Academy’s participation in the NASA/USRA University Advanced Design Program. The seven Midshipmen- Keith Beals, Martin Beaulieu, Frank […]

Microscale Spacecraft for Interstellar Applications

posted by admin on August 20, 2011

Dust in our solar system experiences a surprising lifecycle. For very small particles, solar pressure and electrostatic forces can compete with gravity to create highly non-traditional orbits. Some dust finds a stable orbit in which to live out its existence; some dust calmly lands on the surface of planets like our own, and some dust […]

STUDSAT – An Undergraduate Satellite Initiative

posted by Divya Shankar on February 13, 2011

Divya Shankar is a student designer involved with Project Icarus. Divya is doing a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. And will be graduating in June 2012. She is a self-admitted space buff and loves space technology. She has recently been working in a project […]