Fueling Icarus

posted by Michel Lamontagne on March 3, 2014

  Icarus is to be a fusion powered starship.  To keep the ship’s mass within reasonable bounds, the fusion drive will have to be very powerful, transforming about 100 grams of fuel into 100 tonnes of thrust every second.  Just how powerful is that?  Well, the designs that emerged from the recent Icarus workshops vary […]

Fusion Propulsion: Reaching the Stars by Wielding the Power of the Stars

posted by Guest on July 23, 2013


The following blog is a guest post from Kevin Schillo who is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Aerospace Systems Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. His research is focusing on pulsed fusion propulsion, which could help to open up the solar system for routine manned exploration. Kevin has always had a […]

Project Enzmann

posted by Kelvin F. Long on March 3, 2012

Sometime in the 1960s the physicist Robert Duncan Enzmann came up with the idea of using huge spheres of frozen Deuterium, mined from the gas giants, as the main fuel for so called ‘Slow Boats’. These are large vessels but much smaller than conventional world ships. Enzmann seems to have imagined these vessels travelling at […]

ITER, A Display at the American Museum of Science and Energy, Oak Ridge Tennessee

posted by Bill Cress on December 18, 2011

When I attended the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop on November 28 & 29, I visited the AMSE museum that was adjacent to the hotel where the workshop was presented. There was a very nice display on the ITER project being built in the South of France. Some pictures I took are shown.

A Visit to General Atomics DIII-D Tokamak Fusion Facility

posted by Bill Cress on November 7, 2011

Last Friday while in Los Angeles I was very fortunate to have scheduled a pre-arranged private tour of General Atomic’s DIII-k Tokamak Fusion Facility in San Diego California. I was met by Richard Lee senior Scientist in overall charge of the Fusion Energy Education Group. He was kind enough to go above and beyond and […]

Plasma-Jet driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion (PJMIF)

posted by Milos Stanic on November 23, 2010

Feasible, practical and relatively cheap nuclear fusion concept is one of science’s holy grails and the search has been on for more than five decades now. It represents one of the ultimate sources of energy for both terrestrial and space practices. There are dozens of research projects, involving more than twenty different approaches for nuclear […]