Starship Radiators

posted by Michel Lamontagne on February 2, 2014

Looking at the Daedalus starship, it might appear at first glance that the ship has no radiators.  So why have these cumbersome appendages suddenly reappeared on the Icarus starships?  Are they absolutely required?  And if so, how do we design them, and how much of a mass penalty will they add to the ship?   […]

What Would You See Traveling at Warp Speed?

posted by Eric Davis on January 22, 2014


Of interest is how the forward and aft starfields appear to starship crews who visually monitor their flight progress using either electronic visual displays or windows during faster-than-light flight (FTL) or while traversing a wormhole. Ford and Roman [1] and Clark et al. [2] show that for a warp drive starship at FTL speed, the […]

64th IAC & UN/UAE Symposium

posted by Divya Shankar on January 22, 2014

The Childhood desire of becoming an astronaut drove me to have a career in space. Writing papers & publishing, giving talks and presentations in the global forums is a dream come true. 64th International Astronautical Congress was held at Beijing, China from 23rd to 27th September 2013 ( Three of my papers were selected for […]

Icarus Interstellar supports New Horizons Message Initiative

posted by admin on January 22, 2014

Announced at the end of September, the New Horizons Message Initiative aims to add a 21st Century version of the Voyager I and II spacecraft’s famous Golden Records to NASA’s New Horizons probe, currently on its way to Pluto. The goal is to send a crowd-sourced message that will be uploaded to spacecraft sometime after […]

Starfest 3, North East Astronomical Society in Colchester, Essex

posted by Robert Swinney on January 4, 2014

In early Novemer 2013 in Colchester, Essex just north east of London there was a gathering of hundreds of Astronomy fans at Starfest 3. Hosted by the North Essex Astronomical Society, its the third astronomical convention held in the Colchester Institute and which has continually grown since its inception. What’s not apparent from the title […]

Icarus welcomes Drexel University Chapter

posted by Andreas Tziolas on December 7, 2013

    Icarus welcomes Drexel University Chapter Rekindling the excitement for interstellar flight has been a creative experience. The “market share” for deep space exploration has always been there of course; we all watched Star Trek and Star Wars and follow closely those visions of the future strewn by science fiction writers and producers. The […]

Synergy, Humor, and Paradigm Shift

posted by Buck Field on December 5, 2013

Almost every day, I worry about the science we will need if we’re ever going to make it to the stars. For a start, there’s the existential danger from industrial-scale technology that threatens our long-term survival with unrecoverable war or environmental damage. This is largely supported by corporate priorities governing from the top of our […]

The Daedalus Future

posted by Stephen Baxter on December 4, 2013

Stephen Baxter, 11/11/13 Introduction This paper explores the future society assumed by the Project Daedalus team as background to the building of their starship. The plausibility of Project Icarus – like Daedalus before it – will depend to some extent on the plausibility of an imagined future society that might have the capability and will, […]

Project Icarus Workshop Winner Announced: Andreas Hein’s “Ghost” + Future Plans

posted by Robert Swinney on November 28, 2013

In January 2013 the Project Team were discussing the challenges of designing the Project Icarus spacecraft with a large, dispersed volunteer group.  We had a large back catalogue of research and trade studies but no proper engineering designs to speak of.  In fact we couldn’t even agree the main propulsion system or other major systems […]

Ultra-Dense Deuterium Fueled Starship | Project Icarus Workshop Update #4/4

posted by Andreas Tziolas on November 16, 2013

  Ultra-Dense Deuterium Fueled Starship We have finally arrived at the last vehicle presented by Project Icarus’ designers at the British Interplanetary Society on October 21 and 22nd, 2013. In the landscape of vehicle design studies this one is the most ambitious yet, as it uses a theoretical fuel source known as D(-1) * Ultra-Dense […]