Announcing Starship Congress 2019: Bend Metal

September 13-15, 2019   |   San Diego Air and Space Museum, California

Starship Congress 2019: Bend Metal focuses on transformative business development which support the eventual construction of a Starship, by creating viable business opportunities today:

Day 1: Great Ideas
Ideas, concepts, early innovations, research in need of prototyping, product development and commercialization,
Startups in space, manufacturing or services industries, "new space" businesses sharing success stories, lessons learned, obstacles, marketing or funding needs or scalability challenges.
Day 2: Incubators, Business and Product Developers
Incubators for space, manufacturing or services seeking to bring innovations to market.
Project managers, product developers, marketing specialists, systems engineers, rapid prototyping companies.
Patent, intellectual property protection, product certifications, state and federal technology transfer agencies.
Day 3: Funding Groups
Angel and Venture capital groups.
Grants departments, State and Federal funding agencies.
Universities and Foundations with programs for funding research and development efforts.
At SC19 this year we will create an environment where we can share ideas and information and create relationships by pairing groups with needs and resources needed to move ideas forward: Bend Metal.

For every Starship Congress we try to do something different. From exploring meeting topics which explore our thinking and the work needed for deep space and interstellar exploration, to identifying interesting locations and venues.

This year we travel to the most incredible venue we have ever visited to date, for a fresh experience you and your families will enjoy. 

Located at the heart of Balboa Park, The Sand Diego Air and Space Museum is a an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, housing a collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft from all over the world. The collections include the actual Apollo 9 Command Module and a flight-worthy replica of Charles Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis".

Museum access is included with your Starship Congress 2019 Registration. Bring the family and kids!


While we have our fun at the conference, perhaps your families will enjoy touring the museum, viewing artifacts from the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Wally Schirra and other aviation and space pioneers!

The Museum also offers interactive exhibits including MaxFlight® simulators, the Kid’s Aviation Action Hangar, a 3D/4D movie theater, plus dynamic, hands-on and ever-changing traveling exhibitions.

There are many excellent venues in San Diego to choose from. There is no conference block for the SC19 this time around so choose a hotel which suits your interests. Here's some ideas:

Hotel Avg Cost Distance
Marriott Vacation Club Pulse $250 1.3 miles
The Bristol Hotel $200 1.7 miles
Gaslamp Quarter Hotel $200 1.8 miles
Inn at the Park $179 1.9 miles
Best Western Plus Bayside $190 1.9 miles
Hotel Republic $297 2.0 miles
Wyndham San Diego Bayside $225 2.4 miles



At Starship Congress we put the utmost emphasis on bringing people together in discussion on actions, research and initatives towards interstellar achievements. We commit to a Single-Track meeting, with consideration to people with accessibility and hearing disabilities.

We want you to enjoy your time and be sharp, sociable and well rested so we built in numerous breaks and "shake-it-off" events for conversations.

The outcome of this meeting will set the research priorities of our organization and will define our messaging for the next two years. We invite everyone to be a part of this process, because we understand that this is a Mission for all Humankind.

Thank you and see you in California!


Dr. Andreas Tziolas,
President, Icarus Interstellar