Alpha Centauri Bb: An Interstellar Target?

posted by admin on October 18, 2012

By Dr. Ian O’Neill

Full Article Can Be Found on Discovery Space News: Alpha Centauri Bb: An Interstellar Target?

A little exoplanet living in a neighboring star system has caused a very big stir this week.

It may be too hot for life to survive on its surface, but the discovery of an Earth-sized planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B has ignited hope that the star — one of two that orbit one another as a binary pair — could play host to a whole system of rocky worlds.

The very fact that scientists using the European High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) telescope could detect the tiny gravitational tug of the orbiting world on its parent star is amazing enough, but the ramifications for the future of mankind have the potential to be nothing less than historic.

To read the full article visit Discovery Space News: Alpha Centauri Bb: An Interstellar Target?


Artists conception of an exoplanet. Image courtesy Adrian Mann.

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8 Responses to Alpha Centauri Bb: An Interstellar Target?

  1. JohnHunt says:

    Just a thought here. Presumably A.C. Bb is tidally locked and that any atmosphere would have been blown away long ago but volatiles might be present on the surface of the dark side? Could mirrors placed in a halo orbit behind it shine intense light on the permanently shadowed side thereby creating a habitable location?

  2. JohnHunt says:

    More thoughts…How about Icarus Interstellar immediately holding a press conferencing announcing an Interstellar Reconnaissance Mission to Alpha Centauri. It would look at Bb especially for frozen volatiles and any other planets found by launch to give us the info necessary for a follow-on manned mission. If we consider “technological inhabitability” then this greatly opens up the type of planets that we could consider inhabitable. I’m not talking about terraforming here. Rather, something like solar panels at the sunlight limb/terminus? of Bb and then transmitting that electricity by superconducting ribbon to a nearby, volatile-bearing location where a lunar-type base could be located.

    • Hi John,
      I personally think that might be getting ahead of our selves. I think it would be more interesting to send an Unmanned Probe for the purpose of mapping / discovering the other Planet(oids) in the system. And after that we’ll know whether A.C. would be a System worthy of follow up, or if another system would be better suited for our efforts.
      Either way.. this is really Exciting. :-)

    • John Pattullo says:

      its a long way to go to live in a bubble on something probably less habitable than mercury

  3. I have to say I am always amazed at how myopic our culture insists on being. All the fields of study fractured ages ago, imagine if they had not. I am not denying that the idea of learning how to project the human consciousness is not way out there, it is. Yet, I cannot easily ignore all this hope and desire to explore the universe. It can be done, it is extremely difficult to learn but it can be learned. Even Einstein insisted we are a race of humans which suffer from “a kind of optical delusion of the consciousness.” Why have so few pondered this statement, have we become so arrogant? If you are pains taking and cultivate an understanding of how self deception occurs between your consciousness and the polarized brain/mind function you will see that there is a subtle difference between remote viewing and delusion. If you are interested in learning how to cultivate this phenomenal skill please visit my site at
    I know how absurd it sounds. What a waste of time. Remember this quote; Nothing like contempt prior to investigation will keep mankind in so much everlasting darkness. Good luck, Humans! P.S I recently visited A.C Bb area as the result of reading the recent article in the NY Times. There is a planet there, from a distance it is brilliant green and white. I saw a massive city underground. Am I deluded? Why don’t you find out for yourself if what I am saying is possible or not? Learn how to make your insanity work for you instead of it covering you from this majestic hologram.

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