agLuna: Soil Remediation Experiment Towards Conditioning Lunar Regolith

In this brief experiment we grew a control flat with a mix of indigenous Alaskan plants traditionally used for tundra soil remediation. These plants are used after cleanup from diesel spills and other contaminants and is approved by the EPA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. 

The test flat was planted on a hemp grow medium as a substrate with the help of the Alaska Boyscouts Pack 125. The purpose of the experiment was to understand and adjust the nutrient demand, light and humidity in our hydroponic system as needed for healthy growth and to take measurements of the health and longevity.

The overall effort is to explore methods by which a lunar simulated regolith can be conditioned into a healthy fertile soil. The direct application to earth is to explore ways to reverse desertification especially in Africa and in other parts of the world.