A Starship Worth Fighting For

posted by Andreas Tziolas on June 25, 2014

There’s a ship out there without a name. Its been thought of by millions, conceived of, drawn, designed and re-imagined over and over. Some hold strongly to have thought of it first. Others profess to having built it. Others lay claim to the origins of the idea.

This is a ship without a name. But we all know what it is, and where its going.

  • It will travel through interstellar space.
  • It will be headed to a nearby star system.
  • It will carry with it over two thousand years of dreams,

…and we would like it to look something like this:  


This is Mark Rademaker’s IXS-Enterprise (IXS-110) and she’s a beauty! Feast your eyes on more images by visiting Mark’s Flikr page. It comes to no surprise that io9 and the daily mail amongst others wrote articles celebrating the design.

The visuals become all the more engaging when its realized how Mark’s artistic acumen was directed by the technical work towards detecting warped spacetimes by Sonny White NASA and Icarus XP4 researcher. The design is thus more than just an imagining, as Sonny explained in his speech at SpaceVision 2013, seen below:

Mike Mongo, our Chief Branding and Cultural Officer stated to us that Mark and Sonny White WON THE INTERNET, after finding this Kerbal Space Program rendering of the IXS-110. I for one would love to see it break orbit even if it is inside KSP, ever more prolific space exploration game.

1 - jke4Tmv

And with people like Sonny White, Richard Obousy, Jeff LeeMiguel Albcubierre, the principals of advanced propulsion physics, this ship without a name, becomes a Ship Worth Fighting For – and that’s what Icarus is all about.

(Thanks for the nod Mark!)


Icarus Interstellar X-Physics Power and Propulsion Project (IIXP4)



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25 Responses to A Starship Worth Fighting For

  1. Tim says:

    I’m curious. What would happen if a mistake or an insane person changed course to cause the ship and the distortion in space-time it creates to intersect with a star?

    • Russell says:

      A lot of expensive equipment and good people would burn up well before actually intersecting the star.

    • WulfCry says:

      The ship would get knocked out of course pretty hard probably damage along due to the discrapency and biases(gravity and such) of space-time alignment bubble the ship is in and its headed location chances of survival is pretty slick. That why the code of honor is captain has full system authority unless circumstances proof different from senior officers even then proof has to be solid. The rest of ship staff system authority grand permitted by their ship function. Etc

  2. Adam says:

    Would be good to see the big nations “fight” to build the first one. Surely a more productive fight than arguing over scraps of land here on Earth.

    • Brian Jeffrey says:

      they may already have something like this. search on “secret space program”.

  3. Adam says:

    Currently we don’t know but the warp is just bigger than the starship and moves with it. Only a deliberate collision would cause it to encounter a star. Comets – much bigger than a starship – fall into the Sun all the time with no ill effects.

  4. Gerry says:

    Why the choice (if it actually is such) of an Alcubierre rather than a Natario configuration? Also, if creating the warp bubble is far more difficult than maintaining it, perhaps a system like this could be used instead in conjuction with a stable but modestly-sized wormhole; squeezing through the narrow opening by providing the negative energy to temporarily dilate the passageway to a traversable diameter without having to create the FTL effect on its own.

  5. Here is a complementary and practical way of ushering Mark Rademaker’s IXS-Enterprise (IXS-110) into reality:
    Starships, Space Habitats and other forms of Artificial Closed Ecosystems (ACEs) are achievable within a single lifetime by following these three stages: 1. Create the zero-pollution products and services infrastructure for the interior of the ACEs, 2. Build land-based ACEs (Town and City Domes = Least expensive and least complicated ACEs to design and build – see England’s Eden Project) to prove, improve and perfect the infrastructure in #1, 3. Build the underwater and space habitats with the ready-to-go infrastructure and the lessons learned from the City Domes. 80% of the technologies already exist, for each stage. – see my website http://www.closedecosystems.net for full details.

  6. Adam Crowl says:

    Thanks for the link Warren Graham. Our Project Hyperion and Project Persephone teams will be very interested. Warp-Drives big enough to house artificial ecosystems are a little ways off yet.

  7. VOR has Good reason to believe they know how to make the bubble. No idea yet about systems control. We call it Atmospherica Displacement )( http://www.vortexorbitalresearch.com we are only two at the moment.. Please send us your resumes as we are working on receiving our first round of funding and will soon be looking for the best Scientist and Engineers money can buy.. We are a New School of Thought.

    • Brady Britten says:

      I would love to work on a warp drive! Can I apply in like 4 years after I’ve finished my PhD in experimental physics and planetary science?…

  8. GRIMGLOBB says:

    Wow!, this is so Exciting , to see the entire culture change , as humans still Hunter /Gatherer Explorers.

  9. Brady Britten says:

    If someone wants my info email brady.britten@gmail.com

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  11. Dryson says:

    In order to achieve an as fast as light starship all forms of light photons MUST be redirected away from the material of the ship. Light does not have mass but it has momentum and as the ship accelerates closer to the speed of light more photons are being encountered that are traveling at the speed of light that are absorbed by the material of the ship itself therefore causing the ship to experience an increase in mass that then created more gravitational attraction between the ship and particle with mass that then causes the ship to consume more fuel trying to reach higher velocities. So the basis of traveling as fast as light and faster is too remove all forms of light photons from interacting the material of the ships hull because there is more light per volume of space than there is particle with mass traveling slower than the speed of light.

    • Mike says:

      Dryson, one way around this issue is to use light refractive cloaking materials which are already around today.

    • space dreamer says:

      Interesting. Personally I believe that superconductors & as yet undiscovered “gravitational amplification” devices (that allow for the focus & amplification of gravity) may be the key to FTL. Of course I admit my knowledge of quantum physics & what not is barely above the level of an average person, but that is my belief.

  12. Mike says:

    Dryson, one way around this issue is to use light refractive cloaking materials which are already around today.

  13. David says:

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  14. Hank Liu says:

    Actually I have never ben imaging I would see the such real spacecraft within my life; however, I am becoming more and more confident because of the accelerating nature of mankind’s civilization(that is, from primitive communes to industrial society we took more than 20 centuries, but from the first industrilization to the imformation age only cost less than 200 years). Mankinds are now in the amazing tech. explosion, and I am happy to see this spaceship soaring in our galaxy.

  15. Arthur A. Larson says:

    to Vortex Orbital Research Director Adam Crowl. You say you are a new start up and are a new school of thought. But you are still working with the same outmoded ideas for space propulsioin and building habitats that are not really new. If you want to get into interstellar space you must be able to build a propulsion sysem that does not use reaction mass. There is only one force in the universe that makes movement with no use of reaction mass and that is by utilizing gravity. Having said that we must first decide how gravity works. Already science sees things happening in space that defy relativity or regular science. We must prove that gravity is stronger than we realize and there is an experiment to prove this. Gravity is a self-movement force which is actually two times stronger than we think and this can be proven by a simple experiment. G, the gravitational constant also needs to be increased by a factor of two. Newtons law must be modified by a factor of two for a force formula of F=2(M1M2)/d squared. Gravity being a self-movement means that we can redirect the gravity force for a reactionless gravity propulsion drive that can give us a faster than light propulsion, and this can be proven by a simple (but hard to do) torsion experiment. I can send you a book that I’ve just published that explaiins it all. I am a former sailor and workded for Sperry Univac as an instructior, engineer and overseas engineering manager. I retired early at 43 to write and I have been doing so ever since. I’ve written three science novels, Twisting Gravity, The Relativity Myth, Star Portal and three fiction novels, Megiddo, Deep Probe and The Millennium Coup. I am presently writing a book on Alien Development. I have presented my work at several science conferences. If you want to really see a new school of thought, give me an email and I am wiliing to give a presentation. I was also called upon by Lockheed Martin to give a day’s presention after they had read my manuscript Twisting Gravity. I have all the receipts.All the best, Arthur A. Larson My phone number is 507 223 7760, email: twstgrav@frontiernet.net . .

    • space dreamer says:

      I have no doubts that mankind will eventually achieve FTL travel. It’s not a matter of if, but of when. I know there are tremendous technological barriers to overcome, & I admit that I know nearly nothing quantum physics, but I do know humanity. I know what mankind is capable of achieving when tasked w/the impossible. I know of mankind’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge & exploration. (it’s in our DNA) I’ve read a little about FTL & the apparently insurmountable en energy requirements. It is my belief that superconductors & as yet undiscovered “gravitational amplification” devices, may hold the key to FTL travel. If scientists could somehow focus & amplify gravity, they could affect spacetime w/out the need for an energy source that’s the size of a star. (or larger)

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