2nd Starship Century Symposium in London Announced (October 21st, 2013)

2nd Starship Century Symposium in London Announced (October 21st, 2013)

The 2nd Starship Century Symposium will be held at the Royal Astronomical Society, Piccadilly, UK on Monday October 21st

Starship Century addresses the challenges and opportunities for our long-term future in space, with possibilities envisioned by featured speaker Lord Martin Rees, Royal Astronomer, Ian Crawford, Birkbeck College, University of London, writer/scientist Stephen Baxter, James Benford, Microwave Sciences, and Gregory Benford, UC Irvine.

Starship Century discusses the implications that these explorations might have upon our development as individuals and as a civilization.


10:00 am  Starship Century: Toward the Grandest Horizon  James & Gregory Benford
10:30 am Scientific Benefits of Starships  Ian Crawford
11:30 am  Contact at Alpha Centauri  Stephen Baxter
1:00 pm -Break for lunch-
2:00 pm To the Ends of the Universe  Lord Martin Rees
3:30 pm Exploring Interstellar Space Panel with Lord Martin Rees, Ian Crawford, Stephen Baxter, Jim & Greg Benford, others TBA
5:00 pm Symposium ends

Please visit The official Starship Century website  for more information.

The book is an absolutely excellent read and a wonderful expose on the current state of interstellar exploration motivations, capabilities and progress (the best $20 you can ever spend!)

[ Proceeds from sales of the book go towards Interstellar Exploration Research ]