2013 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop

2013 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop

A number of Icarii will be attending the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop supporting Les Johnson and his team.

Here’s a link to the site:


This is taken from their site:

  • The Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop is an opportunity for relaxed sharing of ideas in directions that will stimulate and encourage Interstellar exploration including propulsion, communications, and research.

    The ‘Workshop’ theme suggests that the direction should go beyond that of a ‘conference’.  Attendees are encouraged to not only present intellectual concepts but to develop these concepts to suggest projects, collaboration, active research and mission planning.

    It should be a time for engaging discussions, thought-provoking ideas, and boundless optimism contemplating a future that may one day be within the reach of humanity.

  • Hotel: Huntsville Holiday Inn, Research Park

    Workshop Rate:  $89.00
    Call hotel directly or book online under the name TN Valley Interstellar Workshop or code STR
    5903 University Drive • Huntsville, Alabama 35806
    Phone:             (256) 830-0600       Fax: (256) 830-9576
    Toll Free: (800) 845-7275