100 Year Starship 2012 Public Symposium

I really enjoyed the 100 Year Starship Public Symposium. The majority of the time at the symposium I attended presentations in the Time and Distance Solutions track. I found these talks very exciting, enjoyable, and informative. My own presentation in this track was on the physics behind a possible design for a matter/antimatter (MAM) propulsion system using parallel electric and magnetic fields to produce MAM.

I also participated in “The Mission: Human, Robotic or Reconstituted?” workshop. The discussion and debate regarding the philosophical, moral, technological and scientific advantages, disadvantages, and possibilities for different types of “crews” for interstellar missions was enlightening and thought-provoking.

As a new member of Icarus Interstellar, I also especially welcomed the opportunity to meet and get to know many other Icarus Interstellar members. (Icarus Interstellar likely had more members attending the conference and giving more talks than any other organization!) This provided an opportunity to better educate myself about the wide range of research projects at Icarus Interstellar.