#SC15HACK Team: “The Great Filter” Board Game

posted by Andreas Tziolas on October 24, 2015

#SC15HACK Board Game Team (left-to-right): Tiffany-Marie Austin, Tony Faddoul, Chad Ostrowski. Our team at #sc2015hack set out to design a board game. The initial board game description, as created by Chad, was: As beings of a fledgling spacefaring civilization, you and fellow players must learn to cooperate, avoid home planet destruction, and settle other star systems...

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#SC15HACK Team: Space Development Competitions

posted by Andreas Tziolas on October 2, 2015

Group consisting of David Evinshteyn, Gregor Hartmann, and Nick Nielsen The group discussed the (familiar) possibility of offering prizes to stimulate research, discovery, and achievement converging on spacefaring and interstellar goals. To make the pot big enough to be tempting, it was suggested that a large number of research universities might be persuaded to chip...

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#SC15HACK Team: Star Soils – Soil Genesis to Support Long-Term Human Space Exploration and Colonization

posted by Andreas Tziolas on September 26, 2015

Barret Wessel, Chris Mooney, University of Maryland, Department of Environmental Science and Technology, College Park, MD 20742Nathan Morrison, Sustainable Now Technologies, Signal Hill, CA 90755Rachel Armstrong, Professor of Experimental Architecture at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 7RU, United Kingdom Terrestrial soils can be thought of as semi-living systems, neither alive nor...

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#SC15HACK Team: Returning a Signal from Alpha Centauri

posted by Andreas Tziolas on September 18, 2015

SC15HACK Interstellar Communications Team (left to right): Matt Johnson, Larry Papincak, Bruno Doussau, Robert Freeland, Lukas Shrenk and Nathan Morrison. Our hackathon group discussed interstellar communications. The group was Robert Freeland, Nathan Morrison, Lukas Schrenk, Bruno Doussau, Matt Johnson and Larry Papincak. We used an example of a ship at Alpha Centauri communicating back to...

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#SC15HACK Team: What is a Starship?

posted by Andreas Tziolas on September 11, 2015

Interstellar Hackers (left to right): Oz Monroe, Damion Waltermeyer, Philippe Lewis, Mike Mongo, Rachel Armstrong, Damien Turchi and Jerard Puckett. When we start to examine the principles and details of the kinds of structures and infrastructures that may enable us to inhabit new solar systems – what exactly are engineering and we designing? At first,...

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Philadelphia in the Fall

#SC15HACK Final Agenda

posted by Andreas Tziolas on September 4, 2015

Hello everyone, The final agenda for Starship Congress can be found here, for easy reference: Thank you and see you all this weekend, Best,...

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#SC15HACK – Meet the Speakers

posted by Andreas Tziolas on September 1, 2015

The final agenda for Starship Congress 2015 is announced. Here are our speakers:   First Speaker: Rachel Armstrong  Bio: Rachel Armstrong, professor of Experimental Architecture at Newcastle University, innovates and designs sustainable solutions for the built environment using advanced new technologies such as synthetic biology and smart chemistry. Rachel Armstrong’s new science thesis and book, Vibrant...

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Icarus Interstellar Membership Program is LIVE

posted by Andreas Tziolas on August 16, 2015

Icarus Interstellar “First 100” Charter membership. Reward is for the First 100 enrolled members of Icarus Interstellar. All the First 100 will be known as Charter Members of Icarus Interstellar. Like ALL members of the Icarus Interstellar membership program—aka “Icarii”—Charter members will be assigned a personal enrollment number to be issued on first-come, first-serve basis...

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Starship Congress 2015 Talk Schedule Announced

posted by Andreas Tziolas on August 16, 2015

The technical program for Starship Congress 2015: Interstellar Hackathon have been announced and be found here: This list will be updated as we get closer to the time of the conference. There have been a number of changes which Hackathon topics will be announced later this week....

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SC15 Kickstarter is Live!

posted by Andreas Tziolas on August 10, 2015

Our Kickstarter supporting Starship Congress has launched!   Starship Congress 2015 is one month away and we are doing everything to make #SC15HACK as unforgettable as SC2013.  Starship Congress 2015: Interstellar Hackathon works on many different levels. SC 2015 is designed to bring aerospace companies close to students so they pursue careers in aerospace, hopefully...

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